You Can Do Amazing Things!

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Sponsor a Bundle -- and see where it goes!

Your $30 donation provides a full starter-wardrobe to children in need.  And, we will track your bundle and email you when its delivered!  Click here to Sponsor a Bundle...or two..or three...

Angel Shoppers -- love clearance?  Love to help?

You're not one to pass up a good deal!  So, when you're out shopping and you see that ridiculous good deal -- considering donating your purchase to The Pass Along Project!  Check out our Wishlist here for our current needs, and click here for a list of our drop locations near you.

Host a Clothing Collection -- big or small...

...We take it all!  Now accepting children's AND adult sizes.  (still just clothing and shoes only please).

Whether collecting from friends and family, or as part of a volunteer group, simply download our collection guide here for tips and best practices.

Wash, Dry, Fold -- Laundry Volunteer needed

Love Laundry?  How about Laundry for children in need?  Seeking smoke-free volunteers to periodically wash gently used PJ's, Outerwear, and Baby Items.  Click here to email our Director.  Please be sure to leave a phone number and let us know where you're located.

Donation Pick-Up -- get the goods!

Drivers needed to pick up donations from our various "drop location" businesses on a weekly basis.  Must be smoke -free.  All areas needed -- if we don't have a business near you yet, we will get one!  Click here to email our Director.  Please be sure to leave a phone number and your location.

Super-mega-involved Volunteer -- that's you!

You're at the bottom of the list and you're thinking....but I want to do MORE!  You love this project so much, you want to dive in head-first.  Click here for more, BIGGER, opportunities to get involved!