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Did you know, NH had 1198 children in foster care last year?

For the first time ever, The Pass Along Project is creating awareness of this number through a visual representation of 1198 pair of shoes -- a pair for each child -- displayed across an athletic field or gymnasium. This display is sure to create quite an impact, and we would love to have you as a sponsor! Funds from this campaign will go toward the purchase of shoes for our clothing kits, as well as the creation of a video to document the display.

The campaign will be more than just a one-time display and shoe fund – it will be a video showing the display, along with commentary from those affected by foster care, to bring awareness to this often silent issue. Our hope is to create conversations for solutions in the future. It will also show children in foster care, as they grow to an age capable of understanding, that there are people and businesses around NH who care deeply about their well-being. Together, let’s show them they matter!

Sponsorship is set at $50 per pair of shoes – how many pair would you like to sponsor?


Thank You To Our Sponsors:

100+ Pair

1-5 Pair

Terese Cowdrey

Lisa Prinz

Michele Zeblisky

Kathryn Trombly

Amy Reczko

Courtney Demont

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